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Life at Caterpillar

Software Developer Generates Enterprise-Wide Digital Impact

As a software developer, Eshwar works on various projects that help empower our customers to fully utilize their products. His first Caterpillar projects were centered on preventative maintenance, evaluating data and utilizing algorithms to generate insights, so that customers can proactively anticipate maintenance needs. Eshwar put his passion and curiosity on display when he took the initiative to understand and improve the existing algorithm. Because of this, Eshwar’s supervisor offered him the opportunity to participate in the project on a larger scale.

Just a year and a half into his role, Eshwar Nag Kotha Sivaprakash traveled from his hometown in India to Peoria, Illinois, to join a team building Caterpillar’s digital application, which can be leveraged to develop digital solutions that will generate and visualize important insights about everything from machine productivity to location for products across the globe. For example, using an application built off the digital platform, a customer can visualize where an asset is, what the fuel level is, how much fuel is being used, engine temperature, potential faults or invalid behaviors and more.

Eshwar shared the data analysis made possible by the digital platform also provides customers the ability to predict project costs.  He says, “A digital application can help a user predict the amount of fuel needed for the user to complete their workload.  The ability to monitor and potentially reduce fuel usage could be cost savings for a customer.”

Aside from the impact that the digital platform project has on the enterprise and Caterpillar customers, Eshwar shared that his experience working on the project had an equally lasting impact on him. “My manager’s decision to put me on the digital platform team definitely changed my life. It changed what technology I was working on and the criticality of my work. Digital solutions enable Caterpillar's enterprise goals, and I’m now working on the next generation of this digital platform.”

What’s next for Eshwar? Ultimately, he’d like to become a solution or enterprise architect to help build new product platforms. He says, “The amount of innovation and technology at Caterpillar, the hands-on exposure I have, and the ambitions that Caterpillar has, makes me feel confident that I will be able to continue growing and challenged in my future roles.” Ready to work on that next exciting project or be challenged by a new opportunity, join the team that does the work that matters. Search and apply today.

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