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Life at Caterpillar

How Leadership Skills Motivate

Being a first-time job seeker in a competitive job market can be challenging, especially when companies expect experience while you’re still trying to build it. Caterpillar’s apprenticeship positions in the UK give individuals the chance to learn and develop the necessary skills to jump start their career.

“I want to stay in engineering and work my way up the ladder at Caterpillar to become a team leader or section manager. I want to pass my new skills on to the younger generation coming through, just as my section manager did for me. He’s seen me through thick and thin, put his trust into me and given me extra responsibility to help me to step up. His skills, and having a good team around me, have helped me with my classroom work too.”

Regan Boyle joined Caterpillar as an apprentice in the UK. His role is focused on manufacturing processes, business improvement techniques and robotic systems. Today, with just two years left in the program, Regan is looking forward to becoming a qualified maintenance engineer.

An apprenticeship position is a great way to quickly pave the way for a career with Caterpillar. Programs vary in length depending on the disciple chosen. Get an education and build your skill set, all while being paid, receiving full-time benefits, and without incurring any secondary education expenses.

“If you’ve got a goal in life, if you want to become an important part of a team, then being an apprentice helps you to prepare for your working environment by teaching you the basic structures and giving you more confidence, rather than just launching you into a new role like a rabbit in headlights!”

Are you ready to join Team Caterpillar?

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