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Life at Caterpillar

Seizing the Moment: Shifting Your Career Path When It Matters Most

With Caterpillar you can build the career you want, just ask Amanda Morris, who turned a short-term plan for working with Caterpillar into a long-term career.  

Amanda’s passion for learning initially inspired her to become a teacher. Working at Caterpillar was a short-term plan to help get her through college. In 2001, she started a role picking parts in a Melbourne, Australia Parts Distribution Center. Shortly after she hit a crossroad: She enjoyed role at Caterpillar and could envision having a fulfilling career.  

"When I no longer had the passion for teaching, I started to see a different career path at Caterpillar," Amanda shared. As opportunities presented themselves, it soon became clear that there were many career paths to pursue for her own growth. Because of this, she made a life-changing decision and left college to become a full-time employee in logistics and supply chain. 

While she was no longer studying to be a teacher, feeding her passion for learning and development was still important. "Learning is a big part of who I am," she said. She completed the highest-level certification for logistics to gain the skills required to become a supervisor and develop others. In addition, she is working towards a college degree in business management. Amanda also learned from reading materials and unofficial mentors, "I can put everything I learn into practice on the job," she shared. 

Today, Amanda is a distribution supervisor in Melbourne and serves as an ambassador and coach helping employees succeed in their roles. 

"You have to seize the moment," Amanda shares. "There are many opportunities to learn new skills to advance your career. You just have to be willing to put your hand out and take them." 

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