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Data Analytics Engineer

Posizione Qingdao, Shandong, China
data di pubblicazione
tipo di contratto Full time
Tipo di lavoro Fixed Term - Temporary (Fixed Term)
Requisition ID R0000129031

Career Area:


Job Description:

Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

1.    通过收集SEM产品的相关数据,创建先进的大数据分析方法用于支持产品研发、后市场的发展、用户保养提醒,远程故障诊断与分析等。
Create the advance big data analysis method according to the relative data from SEM Products to support product development\after market growth, machine maintenance reminder, remote trouble shooting and analysis etc.
2.    与CAT Digital 团队一起合作,发展SEM产品的车联网应用,战略,以及多代产品规。
Collaborate with CAT digital team, develop SEM Machine telematics application, strategy, MGPP
3.    与SEM数字方案解决团队合作,收集客户和产品支持与数据分析互联的需求,并一起分析解决方案。
Collaborate with SEM Digital solution team to collect the connectivity requirement from customer and products support team and provide the solution.
4.    通过SEM 产品相关数据分析,提供SEM后市场团队建议,用于开发配件服务包等支持 EMD的AGG
Support SEM Aftermarkets team to develop Kits opportunities through the SEM Product relative data, support AGG from EMD strategy
5.    与SEM后市场团队合作后台检测更多的整机状态的解决方案,增加传感器等在核心零部件等收集数据,预测寿命、分析故障、提供保养提醒等。
Collaborate with SEM Aftermarket team to how to monitor the more machine status which added the sensors for key components, provide the reminder of Maintenance, defect analysis, and machine/components life predication etc.
6.    与产品组合作,逐步通过利用QRWB系统发展SEM产品质量数据统一平台
Collaborate with Products GP, develop SEM products quality data dashboard based on QRWB (Quality & Reliability Work Bench), such as myNPI, myCPI, PPRD, tableau, power BI, DFMEA etc.
7.    发展SEM 相关产品版本的产品状态报告。
SEM Version PSR(Products status report) development for SEM products
8.    工程师必须管理个人的职业和技能的发展,通过工作和项目的开展不断学习,并时刻跟踪前沿的技术发展。 在这个级别上所要求的关键技能是大数据的分析与处理、SEM 产品的技术知识、NPI 过程的知识、以及沟通技能。
Engineers must manage their own development, continuously learning through experience and staying abreast of technology.  Key skills to be developed at this level are Big data analysis, Knowledge of the SEM related products, knowledge of the NPI process, and communication skills.  

Required Qualifications:

1.    需获得认可的车辆工程或计算机科学专业的学士学位,并具有 9-12 年的土方机械行业工作经验或获得认可的车辆工程或计算机科学硕士学位,以及 6-8 年的土方机械行业工作经验。
Requires a bachelor degree in an accredited engineering, Vehicle engineering or computer Science plus 9-12 years of experience in earthmoving machinery industry or a master degree in an engineering, vehicle engineering or computer science plus 6-8 years of experience in earthmoving machinery industry.  
2.    在职人员必须具备出色的分析技能和执行复杂任务的能力。 需要具有主动性和较强的技术领导技能。 必须有能力与团队成员和工作组中的其他人以及其他单位、客户和供应商的员工进行有效的技术信息沟通。
Incumbents must have demonstrated excellent analytical skills and the ability to perform complex assignments.  Requires a self-starter with strong technical leadership skills.  Must have ability to communicate technical information effectively with team members and others in the work group, as well as employees in other units, customers, and suppliers.
3.    良好的人际关系
Good interpersonal skills are essential to develop a cooperative working relationship with others, both inside and outside the organization
4.    中级以上的英语听,读,写,说能力,英语水平四级以上。
Intermediate above English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, CET-6 or above.

Desired Qualifications:

1.    卓越的沟通和团队合作技能。
Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
2.    高级的英语听,读,写,说能力,英语水平六级以上
Advanced English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, CET-6 or above.

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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