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MG Engineering Tech Lead

Location Qingdao, Shandong, China
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Contract Type Full time
Job Type Regular
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Your Work Shapes the World at Caterpillar Inc.

When you join Caterpillar, you're joining a global team who cares not just about the work we do – but also about each other.  We are the makers, problem solvers, and future world builders who are creating stronger, more sustainable communities. We don't just talk about progress and innovation here – we make it happen, with our customers, where we work and live. Together, we are building a better world, so we can all enjoy living in it.

Role Definition
Manages multiple or complex engineering projects of MG products, involving multiple functions, organizations, products, or value chains.

•    Develop project scope to address business challenges and opportunities. 
•    Coordinating resources across sales and marketing, product development groups, value chain and manufacturing. 
•    Overseeing project progress and costs; communicating status with stakeholders and participating functional areas; addressing and resolving problems.
•    Directing project staffing; motivating and developing project team and team members.
•    Requires a degree in an accredited Engineering, Computer Science, or Materials Science curriculum.

Degree Requirement
Degree required

Skill Descriptors
Products and Services: Knowledge of major products and services and product and service groups; ability to apply knowledge of product and service appropriately to diverse situations.
 Level Working Knowledge: 
•    Obtains information about product and service linkages with other products and services elsewhere in organization.
•    Researches the target market and how the product and services are sold and delivered.
•    Explains current status, delivery alternatives and announced updates to products and services.
•    Summarizes key features of major products or services in own unit.
•    Assesses own unit's product alternatives, costs, and pricing.

Technical Excellence: Knowledge of a given technology and various application methods; ability to develop and provide solutions to significant technical challenges.
 Level Extensive Experience: 
•    Advises others on the assessment and provision of all technical solutions.
•    Engages appropriate subject matter resources to effectively resolve technical issues.
•    Mentors others to enhance their technical competence and its application to achieve more effective technical solutions.
•    Coaches others in promoting, defining, analyzing, and providing superior technical solutions to business problems.
•    Provides effective solutions to moderate technical challenges through strong technical competence, effectively examining implications of events and issues.
•    Assumes accountability for personal technical performance and holds others responsible for theirs.

Influencing Through Expertise: Knowledge of effective influencing tactics and strategies; ability to use these to deepen own expertise and impact or challenge decisions within and outside own organization.
 Level Working Knowledge: 
•    Acquires expertise through training and practical experience in the relevant field.
•    Analyzes the needs, desires, and motivations of the other party to effectively understand a given scenario.
•    Identifies who the decision makers are and how they receive information.
•    Provides evidentiary support while giving opinions or recommendations to influence decision-making.
•    Conducts tasks in such a way as to build a strong reputation and credibility as an expert in the field.

Project Management: Knowledge of effective project management strategies and tactics; ability to plan, organize, monitor, and control projects, ensuring efficient utilization of technical and administrative resources to achieve project objectives.
 Level Extensive Experience: 
•    Utilizes preferred tools, techniques and methods for estimating project cost and time.
•    Plans, estimates, staffs, organizes and monitors significant projects.
•    Identifies risks and vulnerabilities; creates contingency plans.
•    Conducts regular and ad-hoc project reviews with project team, sponsors, and clients.
•    Maintains open communication among project participants and interested parties.
•    Communicates reporting requirements; creates monitoring and control mechanisms.

Team Management: Knowledge of effective team building techniques; ability to form and manage effective teams.
 Level Working Knowledge: 
•    Facilitates discussion of team goals, roles, needs, and responsibilities.
•    Participates in defining the ground rules for individual and team responsibilities.
•    Manages a team to the successful completion of a project or task.
•    Recognizes the contribution of each and every team member publicly.
•    Leads team meetings to review progress and performance, ensuring follow-up on previous decisions.

Requirements Analysis: Knowledge of tools, methods, and techniques of requirement analysis; ability to elicit, analyze and record required business functionality and non-functionality requirements to ensure the success of a system or software development project.
 Level Extensive Experience: 
•    Plays an active or leading role in recording and storing requirement documents in various forms.
•    Ensures the successful completion of all major activities, tasks and deliverables pertaining to the requirement analysis stage.
•    Supervises the advanced use of requirements analysis tools and services, including prototyping and use cases.
•    Produces detailed functional and information requirements models and documentation.
•    Trains others on requirements walkthroughs and quality reviews.
•    Utilizes automated diagramming tools to ensure traceability of requirements.

Troubleshooting Technical Problems: Knowledge of troubleshooting approaches, tools and techniques; ability to anticipate, detect and resolve technical problems in a manufacturing environment.
 Level Extensive Experience: 
•    Evaluates business impact of failure and the criticality and timing of needed resolution.
•    Resolves difficult or high-impact equipment and systems problems.
•    Monitors machine performance and history; addresses excessive maintenance or repair needs.
•    Coaches others how to resolve integration or communications problems in multi-vendor environment.
•    Applies specific techniques for isolating a problem and defining resolution approach.
•    Uses advanced diagnostic techniques and tools for unusual or performance-related problems.

Product Design and Development: Knowledge of product features; ability to design, build, and develop a new product, technology, or service from concept through to production.
 Level Extensive Experience: 
•    Develops organizational standards and processes in order to maximize complex product services' efficiency and effectiveness.
•    Creates and introduces new techniques that expedite or simplify the development process.
•    Supervises the management of multiple and diverse types of products or services.
•    Develops proof-of-concept exercises to prove or disprove validity of proposed products.
•    Advises on the appropriate solutions to complex product design and development problems.
•    Designs working prototypes of a variety of proposed products or services.

This Job Description is intended as a general guide to the job duties for this position and is intended for the purpose of establishing the specific salary grade.  It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as an exhaustive summary of all responsibilities, duties and effort required of employees assigned to this job.  At the discretion of management, this description may be changed at any time to address the evolving needs of the organization.  It is expressly not intended to be a comprehensive list of “essential job functions” as that term is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Posting Dates:

June 11, 2024 - June 27, 2024

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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